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Welcome to Medaid Clinic

Medaid Clinic is located in the heart of Budapest, within easy reach of major transport links (metro line 2, tram 4-6, bus 7), just 1 minute walk of Blaha Lujza Square metro station.

Our clinic offers a range of services to patients with concerns regarding their skin lesions and conditions, and urological problems. We use our experience and knowledge to give every client the best possible service. Our practitioners undergo extensive training on our treatments and product ranges to give our clients the best possible results.

Our experienced team of professionals are driven to get the best results possible in every case. We believe in only delivering advanced skin solutions that work. We strive to make a tangible difference to every client and help to achieve the results that they want, from removing unwanted hair & rejuvenating ageing skin to restoring urinary continence. We prescribe only the most appropriate combination of products and treatments to deliver what our clients really need.

Contact us today to get information or to schedule a consultation with either our private surgeon, dermatologist or urologist. Our salon staff will arrange a suitable time and date with you and we can answer any initial questions that you may have too.

Consultations are bespoke to each client and will all be held in a private treatment room. Depending on your concern, the medical practitioner you’ll speak to will either be a doctor, nurse or practitioner who’s highly qualified in treating your specific condition. You will be asked some questions about your medical history & lifestyle and will be asked to complete a medical questionnaire & self-certification form.

Medaid Clinic open weekdays, also evenings.

We offer services on affordable prices.


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